Jewelry Care

Cleaning Instructions 

It is best to clean your fashion Jewelry with a clean dry microfiber cloth after each use. This will help you from cleaning it often. However, you can also use a bowl of lukewarm water and 1-2 drops of mild dish detergent (we like Dawn). You can dip a cotton ball or soft cloth to dip into the solution and gently wipe down your jewelry. Do not soak your Jewelry. This will cause tarnishing. For hard-to-reach crevices, we suggest using a Q-Tip. You can use a soft microfiber cloth to buff it after your jewelry is pat dried.

What to Avoid 

  • Pools, spas or even salt water. This can affect the quality of your fashion jewelry.

  •  Harsh chemicals, such as household supplies 

  • Putting on jewelry before make-up, perfume, lotions and hair products.

  •  Showering or sleeping with your jewelry.

  • Not taking it off daily.

  • Exercise. Excessive sweating causes a reaction between your skin and Fashion Jewelry.

Storage & Organization

Store it in a jewelry box separately from other pieces or keep in a closed tight bag.